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Create a “high impact” transformations with
a seamless blend in one 1 visit

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dramatic before and after

Major transformations are possible when your strategically placing the right techniques formulas, and teasing techniques.

This video is for the client who’s coming in with thick level 5 red undertone artificial colour and expecting to be beige bronde in one session.

$550.00 $699.00

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In this video you will see step by step from start to finish how to create “high impact” transformations with a seamless blend in one 1 visit. you can use this technique on all canvasses.

in this 90 min video watch how we transform this model into perfect bronde, with a beautiful transition.

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No yellow, or orange. yes its possible!

Look at this before and after….. it’s a scroll stopper. how do you buid your brand and social media?

when your work stands out, and you build the confidence, you than will become in

demand and clients will be willing to pay anything for you.

become in demand, raise the bar with the confidence you need to recreate any transformation you thought wasn’t possible.

$550.00 $699.00


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