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Learn How to Do a Balayage Regrowth Touch Up in Half the Time

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Sharing all the secrets behind creating a seamless balayage colour blend on Hair extensions.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made. Simplifying all the most common client scenarios we get behind the chair Sharing everything they don’t teach you in hair school.

Produced by D.VIVI
With 25 years experience

"Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor"

Shadow Me and See! Let's Create Together!
Did you ever wish you had a mentor!? Someone that can guide you and show you the way, get all your questions answered!? Do you want to break through your pain points, fast forward your career.... well your in the right spot. Come Spend the day with diana Vivi @dvcolour I can't wait to foster and develop your talent!

UpgradeYour Talents, Diversify Your Skillset

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Grab your brushes, brew your coffee, and get the insider to what they won’t teach you in hair school. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, always leave space to grow and learn something new. Immerse yourself in expert education curated to push your creative boundaries and equip you with the skills you need to be a boss behind the chair!

Let's Get


You know those little voices in your head
telling you “you’re not good enough”? I’m
here to help you get rid of them..

Hey, I’m Diana Vivi. I’m an international
educator, balayage expert, salon owner,
and founder of Blend Academy. Oh, and I
am obsessed with growth. My own growth
and yours. Pleasure to meet you.

Learn the Rules like apro,break them like an artist

The truth is, there is no secret to success. But there is a system: a system that’s been built on endless dedication, relentless passion, and most importantly: years of consistent hard work.

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  • Blend The Rules

    Dive deep in this 5 hour interactive masterclass as we transform 2 live models. Experience the DVcoulor transformational signature techniques we use everyday behind the chair. These salon friendly techniques will diversify your skillset, and cut your application time in half, while creating the exact design ratio your client asking for. Whats design ratio?, its all these different styles and inspo photos your clients collect and bring to you expecting you to create exactly what they are looking for. Worry no more, we got you, were showing you live. Master the art of recreating any inspo photo your client is asking for, get the insider on zone toning, social media formulation, consultation and much more, we are walking you through the step by step process on how we approach any canvas and create limitless results that stand out attain a clientele and become in demand. This master class will fast forward your career, giving you all the tools and formulas to become fully booked behind the chair. Become the master colourist/stylist and start raise the bar behind the chair.

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  • Shadow me

    Shadow me! And see! Did you ever wish you had a mentor!? Someone that can guide you and show you the way to get all your questions answered!? Do you want to break through your pain points and fast forward your career?.... well you're in the right spot! Come Spend the day with Diana Vivi @DvColour and join our waitlist! Take advantage of the opportunity to shadow her through out the whole day. Get up close and personal, in this live experience master class, and see how the master transforms 3 real clients Live. Watch how she navigates through the whole process - consultation, techniques, application, formulation, styling, and social media strategies. Are you struggling on getting the right shot, build your portfolio? Diana Vivi, @DvColour can’t wait to help you and show you how to capture the right shot. Join and witness first hand the Dvcolour strategies. That will transform your career and translate into additional revenue and client retention! Begin to do the clients you love, raise the bar, and deliver results that stand out with clarity and confidence. This is an in person exclusive shadow class that is designed to mirror the real life scenarios behind the chair. Limited availability! Get Exclusive access!

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  • Hairflix

    Major transformations are possible when your strategically placing the right techniques formulas, and teasing techniques. This video is for the client who’s coming in with thick level 5 red undertone artificial colour and expecting to be beige bronde in one session.

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